According To TESLA CEO Elon Musk, The TESLA Battery Will Be The Primary Source To Power Homes!!!

According to CEO Elon Musk, a new Tesla battery could  be the primary source of power for your home and will also offer large-scale utilities a way of storing energy more efficiently.

And in true Musk fashion we’re not going to have to wait years to see the tech. Apparently, the designs for a home and business battery are already finished and are expected to be showcased to the public “in the next month or two.” If you know anything about Elon Musk, you’d know he’s a man of his word too. “It’s really great. I’m really excited about it,” he said. We bet you are Mr Musk and we are too!

No details have been released about pricing yet but it’s likely that it will save you a lot of money over your electric bills from the grid. Given the global boom in solar energy, a lot more of your devices could be kept charged up for free in the near future. One of the biggest problems with generating your own energy from renewable sources has been storing it. Solar energy for example is only generated during the day and any excess energy goes back to the grid. The new Tesla battery will offer a way to store the excess power generated so that you can use it at another time. There has never really been many options to power your home other than to rely on your local utilities provider (or invest in some form of generator). Unless you’re living a frugal life in a small wooden hut or something, solar power hasn’t been able to quite take on the job itself yet. Generating your own power would also mean that you don’t have to deal with frequent outages and the poor customer service o fyour utility provider. “There may be a ‘tipping point’ that causes customers to seek an off-grid approach,” Morgan Stanley wrote last March. “The more customers move to solar, the remaining utility customer bill will rise, creating even further “headroom” for Tesla’s off-grid approach.” Tesla is already laying the groundwork to ensure its stationary batteries get as widely distributed as possible. “A lot of utilities are working in this space, and we’re talking to almost all of them,” said Tesla’s chief technical officer, JB Straubel. “It’s early stage stuff and a lot of these projects are very far out since the procurement cycle for utilities is so long. But this is a business that certainly is gaining an increasing amount of our attention.”


Spira4U The Gas & Electric Powered Honeycomb Composite Starts Pilot Production—-Futuristic Autos!!!

Spira4U The Gas & Electric Powered Honeycomb Composite

The Spira4U prototype first came out six years ago and it arrived as a low cost vehicle to help lessen the amount of deaths on the road each year and it went on to become one of the finalists running for the Automotive XPrize. Now the car has gone into production and the company behind it want to license the design of it around the world.


Production of the Spira4U has started in China and the electric version of it is 190kg, while the gas version of the car is 200kg. Both versions of the Spira4U have the same honeycomb chassis along with a fibreglass body and body panels made from lightweight and recyclable foam. While the car remains the same shape as it did six years ago, the construction of the Spira4U comes with composites that is new along with construction.


The body panels of soft foam are not something that is typically seen in the automotive space. The foam absorbs impacts of course and this makes it safer in an accident. The foam also helps to make the car more aerodynamic in shape and  it stands out against other cars as this one is able to float. The composite honeycomb along with foam is such that a lightweight amphibious version of the Spira4U is also being developed.


The gas powered version of the car comes in with a price tag of US$5000 and is powered by a 150cc Wangye motorcycle engine complete with automatic transmission which takes the car to a maximum top speed of 53mph and offers 80mpg with a range of 200 miles from the 2.5 gallon gas tank.


The electric version of the Spira4U has a price tag of US$9000 and it can use either one or two of the 13.4hp motors along with another motor that can be fitted to the back wheel if you want to add it on for another US$1500. With just the one motor you can expect a top speed of 62mph.


The two motors offers 26.8hp total power and Lon Ballard said “We’ve modified the programming of the controller so that it doesn’t spin up the wheels from standstill,” “but everything can be changed and we’re also happy to share the controller program with the buyers so that they can tweak it to their liking.”


With the 10kW motor along with the 144 amp battery pack you should be able to get around 140 miles from it, if you add on a second battery pack for US$3500 this will double the amount you can travel to around 280 miles. 


The electric version of the Spira4U has some advantages that the gas version doesn’t have. The biggest of these is the fact that it comes with a reverse gear along with rear facing camera. The controls of the Spira4U are similar to those of a car as the foot brake will operate the three disc brakes and there is a gas pedal operated by the foot.


The Spira4U does come with some interesting benefits for those who live in apartments or anywhere where there is restriction for parking. It is very light weight and so light in fact that the front of the car can be picked up. To make the most of this there is a special pad built into the back of the car specifically so it can be stood upright. Ballard said that eight Spira4U cars can fit into one parking spot stood on their end.The Spira4U is hoping to be on the forecourts at dealerships in the US around the globe soon.

First NFC SD Card Comes From Toshiba–>Future Of SD Cards!!!


Toshiba has launched the first SDHC memory card that comes with NFC built into it. All SD cards allow transferring of images to be easy but this one is unlike any other and this is because users are able to see what is on the card using a smartphone and without the need to have to insert it into the computer or a camera.


It can be difficult knowing what is stored on an SD card and this can lead to you having many of them lying around without knowing what’s on them or how much content is on the card. With the new NFC enabled card people can simply hold the card up to a phone that is NFC enabled, by running the Android Memory Card Preview app, and see exactly what is on the card.


There is a lot of information that can be displayed and this includes the capacity of the card along with the name, how much of the storage is available and storage amount that has been used, plus the type of data that is stored on it. 16 thumbnails can be displayed so that people can identify the images on the card. Toshiba are offering the card in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage. The card comes with UHS speed class 1 along with SD speed class 10 rating.


You cannot transfer images wirelessly with the NFC enabled card but Toshiba has said they will launch their 3rd generation of the FlashAir SD card and this will allow wireless transfer. The FlashAir III card acts as its own wireless LAN access point and it comes with the speed rating of Class 10 SD.


It also offers an internet pass-through feature that means that users are able to gain access to the card along with the internet at the same time. The card also has enhanced photo sharing along with management features and there is a FlashAir mobile app that makes it very easy to share with Android and iOS devices. This card is going to be made available in 16GB and 32GB storage capacities.


Toshiba are going to make the NFC enabled SD card available from February and at the moment we don’t know about pricing. The FlashAir II SD card will come with a price tag of US$80 if you want the 16GB version and the 32GB comes in at US$100. It will be available from March.

From FOX NEWS—>New Drones Automatically Follow And Record You!!!


New drones automatically follow and record you | Fox News

The drone craze has swept the country and landed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


“Drones and unmanned systems are being used to assist in a variety of applications, from aerial coverage for sports and real estate, to assistance in search and rescue and disaster relief missions,” CES Vice President Karen Chupka wrote in a press release.


One of the biggest trends is creating drones with lightweight cameras designed for athletes to record their performances from above.


Ehang unveiled its new Ghost drone, which can  be easily controlled by an app on your cell phone.


“The main difference between us and other competitors is that we use the mobile app to control the drone, which means it’s really easy to use,” said Kai Jiang, chief operating officer of Ehang U.S.


You can command the drones’ height, speed, and direction simply by waving the phone. Users can also pick a point on the app’s map and send the drone there and back.


The Ghost is also capable of being placed on a setting where it follows you as you move about.


The basic Ghost without a camera retails for $250. If you want the Gimbal option with GoPro support it’ll cost $600.


Perhaps even easier to use than the Ghost is the AirDog drone. It acts like a shadow and follows you from above while recording video. Users simply attach a bracelet to their hand or helmet and the AirDog will follow them.


At CES, AirDog drew crowds by demonstrating its drone hovered above a professional skateboarder performing challenging tricks on a skate ramp.


From the football and soccer field to ski slopes and skate parks—the AirDog follows the bracelet like a real dog follows it owner. It sells for over $1,295 and can be pre-ordered on

The 7 Things Obama Isn’t Telling You When He Brags About Reducing the Budget Deficit From!!!

The 7 Things Obama Isn’t Telling You When He Brags About Reducing the Budget Deficit!!!

President Barack Obama said Thursday that his administration has reduced the budget deficit significantly over the past few years — a boast that conveniently leaves out several key details about how the deficit rose so quickly under Obama, and how it really fell.


“We’ve done all this while cutting our federal deficit by about two-thirds,” Obama said Thursday in Arizona. “And I’m going to repeat that, because they did a poll the other day and like 70 percent of the people think the deficit is going up.”


“The deficit has gone down by two-thirds since I was President of the United States,” he said. “So we’re doing all this in a fiscally responsible way.”


The White House repeated that boast in a tweet showing that “the deficit has gone down by two-thirds”:

The 7 Things Obama Isn’t Telling You When He Brags About Reducing the Budget Deficit |

Here are seven key facts the White House is leaving out when it talks about the deficit:


1) The Annual Budget Deficit is Falling, but It’s Still Big, and It’s Still Adding to the Total National Debt.


The budget deficit is the amount that the government spends over its annual collection of taxes. Yes, it has fallen — it was $1.4 trillion in 2009, and was $483 billion in 2014.


But that $483 billion is huge. For example, it’s just a bit lower than the entire Defense budget for the current fiscal year. And that still adds to the national debt, which now stands at $18 trillion.


2) Obama’s Lowest Budget Deficit is Still Higher Than George W. Bush’s Biggest Deficit.


President Bush was seen by many as a big spender who squandered a rare budget surplus. But according to the Office of Management and Budget, Bush’s highest annual budget deficit was $458 billion.


That’s still $25 billion less than Obama’s lowest deficit: $483 billion in the just-finished 2014 fiscal year, and several years into what Obama himself has called an economic recovery.


So for all of Obama’s boasting this week, Obama still hasn’t managed to preside over a deficit that’s lower than Bush’s highest deficit.


3) Real Credit for the End of $1 Trillion-plus Budget Deficits Belongs to the End of the Great Recession, and Renewed Republican Pressure to Keep Spending Down.


Bush and Obama together created the huge, $1.4 trillion deficit that emerged in 2009, thanks to the bank and auto bailouts under Bush, and the huge stimulus and extended auto bailouts under Obama.


As the crisis receded, it was House Republicans that finally forced some spending reductions through passage of the Budget Control Act. That pressure from the House led to reduced overall spending for two years in a row, in 2012 and 2013.


That, combined with a growing economy and growing tax revenues over those years, nearly cut the budget deficit in half by 2013.


4) Obama Was Opposing Those Spending Reductions Year After Year.


While House Republicans were putting their foot down on spending, Obama was proposing even more spending in his annual budget proposals.


Since 2011, Obama has proposed spending between $3.7 and $3.8 trillion each year, more than $200 billion more per year than what was actually spent in those years. Those proposals fly in the face of Obama’s boast that his own actions are helping to reduce the deficit.


A few of Obama’s budget proposals received votes in the House and were rejected unanimously, by both Republicans and Democrats.


5) Obama Has Rejected GOP Proposals to Eliminate the Deficit and Start Paying Down the Debt.


In 2012, when some Republicans were proposing a plan to balance the budget in 10 years, GOP members argued that none of Obama’s plans would ever balance, and that Obama was rejecting any attempt to finally balance the budget.


That charge is confirmed by Obama’s own budget documents. His budget proposal for 2015 foresees deficits that average $500 billion per year for the next decade, a recipe for adding $5 trillion more to the national debt over that time period.


That assumes very optimistic increases in tax receipts that Obama assumes would increase $200 or $300 billion per year.


6) Other Analysts Say the Deficit is About to Get Worse.


About those optimistic estimates on tax receipts? They’re not shared by the Congressional Budget Office.


CBO says the government will collect $40.2 trillion over the next decade, not the $43.8 trillion Obama anticipates.


And that means annual trade deficits that won’t stay in the $500 billion range, as Obama hopes. Instead, CBO sees the deficit rising again to more than $600 billion by 2019, and nearly $1 trillion by 2024.


7) Total National Debt Will Nearly Double Under Obama.


When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. As of January 2015, it stood at just over $18 trillion.


If the budget deficit stays around $500 billion a year for the next two years, as expected, total debt will exceed $19 trillion by the time Obama leaves office.

Mercedes-Benz—->Leap Into The Future With The F015!!!


Mercedes chose to reveal the F015 car at the Consumer Electronics Show instead of the International Auto Show and this should give you a clue that this isn’t just any normal car. The Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion could never be classed as a normal car as it blows everything else out of the water when it comes to carrying four passengers in comfort and it’s packed with tech.


The Mercedes Benz F015 is a futuristic concept car in the form of a pod car that is run on a fuel cell hybrid powertrain, which allows up to 684 miles with zero emissions on the fuel cell power and a further 124 miles on the stored battery power. At the moment Mercedes are not giving out any information about the combination of fuel cells, batteries and motors.


Mercedes also didn’t have a lot to say about the exterior of the car other than it has a low slung front end with streamlined and smooth roof line with a flat front windscreen. The car does look like something that would be seen in Back To The Future though.


There hasn’t been a lot of talk about the details of the car, Mercedes wanted to focus mainly on the highlight of the concept car, which is the cabin, designed in the lounge style. The seating in the front of the car can be pivoted around so that they face forwards or face the back seating of the car.


What stands out about the car is that a human being doesn’t have to drive it. It can drive itself and this leaves the people in the car to sit face to face and have a chat in a rather roomy interior. When the doors of the car open the seating automatically swivels 30 degrees out so that passengers can get in and out easily.


While the seating arrangement of the F015 is perfect for having conversations, there is also a digital arena inside the car that keeps all of the occupants connected. This is in the form of 6 high resolution displays that are fitted into the side panels and instrument panel. These displays may be operated just by touch, eye tracking or by gestures. While there doesn’t need to be a driver in the car, Mercedes chose to leave a steering wheel in the car.


The cabin of the Mercedes F015 is designed in metal, glass, walnut wood and ice white Nappa leather, so perhaps it isn’t aimed at families with young children. Mercedes didn’t speak up about the autonomous systems in the car. Instead they pointed to the S 500 Intelligent Drive which in 2013 went 62 miles on its own using a 3D road and infrastructure map of the route along with vehicle sensors.

Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9—->A Transforming Controller For Android Devices!!!

Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly more popular but one thing that lets the gaming down when playing on a tablet or mobile phone is that the touchscreens are not as good as playing with a physical control pad. However this could be in the past as Mad Catz has come up with a transforming controller for Android devices that works with tablets and phones of different sizes. This makes the L.Y.N.X. 9 one very versatile accessory for gaming.


The transforming controller can be attached to a phone via a clip that can be removed and it can also be split into two halves so that it can be used with tablets. Even better is the fact that the whole thing can fold up so that it is small enough to slide into the pocket and take with you. The system even has its own QWERTY keyboard, this clips in between the handles. It also includes BigPlay adapters and cables so that people can mirror the display of the tablet or phone onto an HDTV.


There is also a companion app for the tablet or phone and this will allow the gamer to tweak game settings. For instance you can increase the sensitivity of the thumb stick when playing a first person shooting game. The accessory is also able to connect to the device through Bluetooth and you don’t have to worry about battery life as according to the developers it will last for 30 days on one charge.


The transforming controller offers a far more comfortable gaming experience when playing on a mobile or phone and it can even be used for playing games on a PC. Of course this type of technology isn’t going to come cheap and it is among the priciest of gaming accessories at US$300. The L.Y.N.X. 9 can be pre-ordered with shipping starting in March this year.