First NFC SD Card Comes From Toshiba–>Future Of SD Cards!!!


Toshiba has launched the first SDHC memory card that comes with NFC built into it. All SD cards allow transferring of images to be easy but this one is unlike any other and this is because users are able to see what is on the card using a smartphone and without the need to have to insert it into the computer or a camera.


It can be difficult knowing what is stored on an SD card and this can lead to you having many of them lying around without knowing what’s on them or how much content is on the card. With the new NFC enabled card people can simply hold the card up to a phone that is NFC enabled, by running the Android Memory Card Preview app, and see exactly what is on the card.


There is a lot of information that can be displayed and this includes the capacity of the card along with the name, how much of the storage is available and storage amount that has been used, plus the type of data that is stored on it. 16 thumbnails can be displayed so that people can identify the images on the card. Toshiba are offering the card in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage. The card comes with UHS speed class 1 along with SD speed class 10 rating.


You cannot transfer images wirelessly with the NFC enabled card but Toshiba has said they will launch their 3rd generation of the FlashAir SD card and this will allow wireless transfer. The FlashAir III card acts as its own wireless LAN access point and it comes with the speed rating of Class 10 SD.


It also offers an internet pass-through feature that means that users are able to gain access to the card along with the internet at the same time. The card also has enhanced photo sharing along with management features and there is a FlashAir mobile app that makes it very easy to share with Android and iOS devices. This card is going to be made available in 16GB and 32GB storage capacities.


Toshiba are going to make the NFC enabled SD card available from February and at the moment we don’t know about pricing. The FlashAir II SD card will come with a price tag of US$80 if you want the 16GB version and the 32GB comes in at US$100. It will be available from March.


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