The US Navy Has An Awesome Collection Of Historical Artifacts

Another MUST-SEE Post on the US Navy’s Collection of Historical Artifacts…Some AWESOME Images!! Thanks to Jen for her AWESOME Military Blog!!

Maiden on the Midway

Satellite Tracking Station circa 1950’s has a model of the Earth and a Morse code key. The toy is part of the Treasure Island Museum Collection which is part of the Navy”s historical collection. The Treasure Island Museum is closed.

The US Naval History and Heritage Command announced Tuesday that it completed the transfer of massive amount of historical artifacts from the Washington Navy Yard to their new home in Richmond, Virginia.

The transfer is part of an ongoing project to move more than 300,000 artifacts — from Operation Iraqi Freedom to the Revolutionary War — to the Richmond headquarters, the Navy said. Among other items, the collection includes weapons obtained from enemy soldiers, gifts from foreign countries, flags, plaques, and toys.

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