Dear Soldier…

This is another MUST-SEE Post!! It has one of the best stories on the Military & the Care Packages I’ve ever read!! You Will Enjoy It!!! Thanks to Jen Again for sharing this post on her AWESOME Military Blog!!

Maiden on the Midway

Hi, Happy Monday! Has everyone recovered from the holidays? I’m at about 95%, I’ll be back to my regular self in no time! I have a story to share and a mission I encourage everyone to join. Read on, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Thank you, & have a wonderful week!
NOTE: This has been shared throughout several social platforms. I, of course found it on Google plus and I’ve posted it just as I found it; there’s more than one voice represented here.


I am sharing this from a facebook page called U.S. Army WTF Moments. please share this around and help return Chester the Goldfish back to this brave little girl who thought a soldier would need his protection more than she needed him from monsters in her closet.

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