VIDEO: Watch Senator John Walsh Scurry To His Vehicle To Evade Plagiarism Questions!!!

Senator John Walsh ducked into his vehicle rather than answer questions about his ongoing plagiarism scandal.

The embattled Montana Democrat has been avoiding the media since the allegations were first made, but a photog caught up with him in DC and asked Walsh if he had let down voters by committing academic fraud.

At first, Walsh tells the guy to contact his press office, which is the standard response from any politician not looking to talk. Then the photog is nagged by a staff member, giving Walsh the room he needed to scurry away.

“What’s your hesitation to speak to your constituents?” the photog asks Walsh before the senator rides off.

Video of the encounter was given exclusively to Daily Surge.

Last week the New York Times uncovered egregious examples of Walsh plagiarizing at least 25 percent of his thesis while working toward his master’s degree at the Army War College in 2007. Initially Walsh blamed the incident on post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s no longer hiding behind PTSD, but he’s still hiding from the press corps. The Washington Post observed that the Senator is using discreet entrances to the Capitol in order to avoid inquiries from the media.

With a tough race this November even before the plagiarism charges surfaced, the last thing John Walsh wants to discuss is why he was cribbing other people’s work. But evading the issue won’t make it go away. Both the Defense Department and his alma mater, the Army War College, are currently investigating the matter.


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