Sarah Palin Annihilates & Doubles Down On Obama & Holder!!!!

Sarah Palin Annihilates Obama & Holder!!!

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, unarguably the most powerful female politician on the planet, is not backing down from her call to impeach President Obama. She took to podium at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, according to a Saturday piece in the Denver Post. The crowd of conservative activists, mildly speaking, roared their approval.

The actual theme of her speech was “The Forgotten Man.” It is a phrase first coined during the Great Depression, but also used as a title of a critique of the New Deal published by historian Amity Shlaes. The modern forgotten man, according to Palin, includes the college student, saddled by student loans, who cannot find a job, the veteran being denied health care by the VA, and what she described as the “hard working middle class.”

Palin’s brief against the president is already familiar to most people. They include his promiscuous use of executive orders, his tendency to ignore the letter of the law and court rulings, and a dereliction of duty concerning crises ranging from the border to Benghazi. She accused the administration of being corrupt, more concerned about fat cat donors rather than the common people. She noted that politicians like to complain about these things, but then posed the question, “What are you going to do about it?”

Thus far the answer seems to be fairly little, at least insofar as impeachment goes. The left opposes the impeachment of President Obama for reasons that should be obvious. Much of the right opposes it on political practicality grounds. Few if any people dispute the legal and moral case Palin is laying out. Undaunted, she seems to have decided to adopt impeachment as her cause, as a means to rally the base and make a case against the legitimacy of the Obama presidency.

Breitbart adds that she also directed some fire against Attorney General Eric Holder. Palin slammed Holder’s playing the race card recently on “This Week” on ABC in which he implied that opponents of the president were motivated by racism. She artfully suggested that he instead look into protests in the African American and Hispanic communities against the diversion of resources from their needs to the illegal immigrant children now streaming across the southern border.


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