Megyn Kelly RIPS Into ABC For Partisan Interview Of AG Eric Holder—Used Kid Gloves Like Cowards!!!

Megyn Kelly Rips Into ABC For The Partisan Interview Of AG Eric Holder:

Megyn Kelly and guest Judge Andrew Napolitano Monday had some advice for the folks over at ABC News: If you’re going to have on the U.S. attorney general, don’t just ask him softball questions.

“The attorney general was not asked about a number of much more urgent issues. Among them, the administration’s strange relationship with the truth in so many instances … where the investigation stands into the IRS’s targeting of conservatives …,” Kelly said.

Kelly went on to list numerous scandals that ABC could have quoted Holder on, including Hobby Lobby and the administration’s relationship with the Supreme Court of the United States.

“I mean really? There was not a question about the IRS?” Kelly asked Judge Napolitano.

“The interview on ABC News … was so tepid, it was almost as if Eric Holder was running for office and it was his campaign manager questioning him,” Napolitano responded.

Kelly and Napolitano went on to discuss the administration’s handling of the border crisis and Holder’s relationship with the president. Napolitano hopes that one day Holder is reminded of the capacity of his appointment: upholding the law of the U.S.

“His chief law enforcement officer lacks the intestinal fortitude and moral courage to say ‘Mr. President you are violating your oath.’”

Megyn Kelly


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