56 Million Babies Condemned To Painful Deaths…Sign The Petition At National Pro-Life Alliance To Support Life At Conception Act!!!

From National Pro-Life Alliance

National Pro-Life Alliance

National Pro-Life Alliance

Help wipe the smile off the Planned Parenthood President’s face!

Sign the petition to end ALL taxpayer funded abortion!

Ronald Reagan was right! We need the Life at Conception Act to bypass Roe v. Wade and defend the unborn!

We protect eagle eggs, sea turtle eggs, and all sorts of creatures. 

Now it’s time we protect our own unborn babies!

National Pro-Life Alliance

Unborn babies are people too!


8 thoughts on “56 Million Babies Condemned To Painful Deaths…Sign The Petition At National Pro-Life Alliance To Support Life At Conception Act!!!

  1. 1. The vast majority of humans suffer painful deaths.

    2. There are no neurons at conception – how exactly do you think a single cell is feeling pain? You want, at least in this context, to specify a later point if “pain” is your criteria, although, as stated above, most deaths are painful and last a lot longer than abortion.

    3. Your argument will only hold if it is not possible to do an abortion on older fetuses in a painless way…which it is, even if not always done.

    So what you are really arguing for here is a no-painful-abortion-after-fetus-has-enough-nervous-system-for pain act, hopefully recognizing that you are not actually likely to be saving a being net pain, but instead making an argument from intent.


    • Let me tell you something moron….I don’t post on my blog to argue anything!!! I know what the truth of GOD’s WORD says & I know that HE HIMSELF must breathe into every human being the Breath Of Life for their to be any life. So don’t come here on my blog looking to run your trap or to push your liberal ideals onto me. You want to be a troll, go troll at a place someone will tolerate your liberalistic moronic ideals, because I am not one of them!!!!


      • If you only want comments that agree with you I recommend you either:

        1. Add a page with a link at the top next to your “About” section called “Comment Policy” and explicitly state that.


        2. Where you write “Share your thoughts…” above the comment box, add a clarification that you are only interested in hearing from people of a specific opinion. For instance, you might write “Pro-life Christians are welcome to share thoughts on this topic:”

        You have created a public blog and many people, myself included, welcome dissenting opinions on our blogs. We cannot know unless you specify, that you do not.

        You do not, by the way, know anything about my politics except as regards abortion. You may be surprised to find that many of my views, including on charter and voucher schools and immigration, for instance, are considered by many to be “conservative”. I think it is assumptions and generalizations that are “moronic” rather than individually thought out ideas…whether or not they agree.


    • First off, let me apologize for my uncalled for outburst. I know it’s no excuse, but I’ve had personal attacks against me all morning by the same 2 people, who are Pro-Hamas & Pro-Palestinian, whereas they know that I am Pro-Israel & it just had me upset. But I had no right to take it out on you & for that I do apologize. You are entitled to your opinion based on your own beliefs, just as I am entitled to the same. Please accept my apology, because I wrongfully took out my built-up agression on an innocent party. I did correctly state that I do not argue my points with anyone, considering the fact that my views come from & are based upon my own 20+ years of study in GOD’s WORD & the fact that HIS WORD has existed long before any ‘human beings’ who may make comments contrary to the beliefs which I hold to which are found in HIS WORD, & HIS WORD will continue to exist well after the decomposing flesh is in the ground of any person(s) who may have had a difference of opinion. Thereby, I base my beliefs & opinions on the WORD of GOD, which holds more weight to me just from IT’s longevity than any person’s personal opinion. I tend to put more trust in a Proven Truth, a Truth that has stood the test of time & the many detractors who have tried in vain to disprove the facts found therein. I also know that CHRIST says that life is to be viewed as sacred & that all people should have respect for the sanctity of life. But for the scientific-minded person, such things are foolishness. Therefore I also know from proven, documented facts that aborted babies feel pain & feel the anguish of being killed, whilst even in the womb where they should have been able to feel the safest. If you care to look at GOD’s WORD, the truth about the immorality of abortion is easily defined throughout the SCRIPTURES. If you would rather look at scientific data, then by all means check out the National Pro-Life Alliance website, including it’s partner sites, & look for yourself at their own documented, unbiased results & facts of unborn babies feeling pain, discomfort, & their feelings as they go through the throes of death.


      • I really felt bad after I realized what I had done, especially since you had nothing to do with what those other 2 people had done, nor were you either one of those 2 people. I’m glad there are others, like me, who understand when someone is having a rough go of it because of some people’s insistence on personal attacks, and just blurt out something thinking you’re talking to the same people who have been hounding them. Again, thanks for being an understanding person & overlooking my unwarranted explosion.


      • I think most of us put our foot i it sometimes. I know I do. Maybe some Tibetan monk who meditates 10 hours a day has control of that reactivity (or so evidence would suggest) but we common folk are going to keep wigging out every now and then. Again, no worries.


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