Take Action!!! Extend TBI Assisted-Living Pilot Program At Wounded Warrior Project!!!


Take Action At Wounded Warrior Project

Take Action At Wounded Warrior Project:

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has for months been warning Congress that a pilot program that’s helping veterans with TBI will end in September unless Congress acts very soon to extend it. If Congress fails to act in time, many of the veterans who have been receiving specialized residential rehabilitative care under this VA-administered pilot will be ejected from the program by September 15th.  


We’re doing all we can both to keep this program operating and to open the door to other warriors who need the care but have been “locked out” of the program. You can make a difference for these veterans by taking action!


Take action…

Send a Tweet:

Tell @VAChair @HouseVetAffairs their inaction will threaten the program helping #veterans with #TBI. http://bit.ly/1mwDIxG

#Congress needs to extend the program helping #veterans with #TBI. @VAChair @SenatorBurr @HouseVetAffairs @RepMikeMichaud

Write an email, using or adapting the suggested message (below) to congressional leaders:


At each of the following two websites  (one going to the Senate Committee Chairman and the other to the Ranking Republican Member) fill out the contact form, identifying the subject as “TBI Pilot Program extension”; entering the suggested message (below), and hitting “Send”:




Email message: “I’m counting on you to pass legislation this month to extend the Assisted-Living Pilot Program for Vets with TBI. Act now to prevent VA from ejecting those currently under care and to re-open the program to others who need it.” 

Telephone key congressional offices:


Those directly affected, in particular, are encouraged to speak to your Representatives and Senators by calling the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 (where you will be transferred directly to their offices), and to members of the staff of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees who can be reached at the following numbers:


Senate Veterans Affairs Committee majority: 202-224-9126

Senate Veterans Affairs Committee minority: 202-224-2074

House Veterans Affairs Committee majority: 202-225-3527

House Veterans Affairs Committee minority: 202-225-9756

You might start a call by saying “I’m calling because I’m very concerned that the VA’s Assisted-Living Pilot Program for Veterans with TBI will expire in September, and I want the Veterans Affairs Committee to take the lead to pass an extension before then.”


Meet with members in August in their home states/districts:


If the future of the program is not resolved before Members take an August recess, advocates are encouraged to schedule meetings with Members in their states and districts during August to discuss the importance of extending the program.


Learn more…

Congress established the Assisted-Living Pilot Program for Veterans with TBI in 2008. Under the program veterans with TBI have been receiving specialized, post-acute brain injury rehabilitation in community facilities. The program has provided critical life skills to help veterans return to their homes and communities.


Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs has advised that its authority to operate the pilot program will expire on September 30, 2014, and it will end the program unless Congress acts to extend it. This means VA will soon begin to discharge veterans from rehabilitation facilities. The Wall Street Journal recently highlighted the challenges those veterans will face if Congress doesn’t act soon.


Last November, WWP wrote to the leaders of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees and explained the importance of the program and the need to extend it. After ongoing follow-up proved unsuccessful, WWP last month wrote a letter, co-signed by 12 other veterans and military service organizations, that called on Members of Congress to extend the program as part of an “access to care” bill they expect to pass.  We have received no response to our letter. We have discussed with media the importance of extending the pilot.  Despite growing awareness of the problem, the future of this pilot — and the well-being of those at risk of discharge — remains in doubt.


Veteran’s Affairs Committee Members (Senate & House):



Senate: @VAChair



Sen. Bernie Sanders – Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman @VAChair

Senator John Rockefeller – @SenRockefeller

Senator Patty Murray – @PattyMurray

Senator Sherrod Brown – @SenSherrodBrown

Senator Jon Tester – @SenatorTester

Senator Mike Begich – @SenatorBegich

Senator Richard Blumenthal – @SenBlumenthal

Senator Mazie Hirono – @maziehirono



Senator Richard Burr (Ranking Member) – @SenatorBurr

Senator Johnny Isakson – @SenatorIsakson

Senator Mike Johanns – @Mike_Johanns

Senator Jerry Moran – @JerryMoran

Senator John Boozman – @JohnBoozman

Senator Dean Heller – @SenDeanHeller


House: @HouseVetAffairs



Rep. Jeff Miller – House Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman @RepJeffMiller

Rep. Gus M. Bilirakis – House Committee on Veterans Affairs Vice Chairman @RepGusBilirakis

Rep. Doug Lamborn – @RepDLamborn

Dr. Phil Roe – @DrPhilRoe

Rep. Bill Flores – @RepBillFlores

Rep. Jeff Denham – @RepJeffDenham

Rep. Jon Runyan – @RepJonRunyan

Dr. Dan Benishek – @CongressmanDan

Rep. Tim Huelskamp – @CongHuelskamp

Rep. Mike Coffman – @RepMikeCoffman

Rep. Brad Wenstrup – @RepBradWenstrup

Rep. Paul Cook – @RepPaulCook

Rep. Jackie Walorski – @RepWalorski

Rep. David Folly – @USRepDavidJolly



Rep. Michael Michaud – HCVA Democratic Ranking Member @RepMikeMichaud

Rep. Corrine Brown – @RepCorrineBrown

Rep. Mark Takano – @RepMarkTakano

Rep. Julia Brownley – @JuliaBrownley26

Rep. Dina Titus – @repdinatitus

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick – @RepKirkpatrick

Rep. Raul Ruiz – @CongressmanRuiz

Gloria Negrete McLeod – @RepMcLeod

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster – @RepAnnieKuster

Rep. Beto O’Rourke – @RepBetoORourke

Rep. Tim Walz – @RepTimWalz

(Check Out The Page At: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/extend-tbi-pilot?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=extendtbipilot)


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