Obama’s Unthinkable “Solution” To The Border Crisis…UNBELIEVEABLE SOLUTION!!!

From Preserve Freedom; “Obama’s Unthinkable “Solution” to Border Crisis”:

Barack Obama is known for many things. His inability to adhere to the Constitution, his intolerable Affordable Healthcare Act, and his propensity to use drones to kill selective targets (even U.S. citizens) from a cozy control room in Langley, Virginia.

So it’s no surprise the president would want to begin using drones to help police the border.

The White House is currently requesting a little under $40 million dollars in funding to bankroll a new drone surveillance program that will provide aerial support for the U.S. border.

According to a report from DefenseOne, the drones will be looking for drug smugglers and human traffickers.

As reported by World Net Daily:

The report said the aerial surveillance also would let the U.S. assemble a systematic effort to take care of “an urgent humanitarian situation.”

The funding would allow for an estimated 16,500 additional drone flight hours, and another 16 crews to hunt down criminals and halt illegal activity.

The funding request was part of the $3.7 billion that the Obama White House has asked Congress to provide to address the crisis of tens of thousands of illegal aliens arriving on U.S. soil and turning themselves over to federal authorities to obtain housing, food, medical assistance and more.

The problem with this is Obama was the one who incited this massive influx of immigrants (mainly children) when he initiated a de facto “delayed deportation program.”

Many of the immigrants who have come across the border have done so because they know they are able to come here and attain services from the government. They know they will not be kicked out.

As a result, the border has been inundated with a huge number of immigrants. The surge shows very little sign of letting up.

The proposal to put drones in flight does nothing to reduce the number of immigrants coming into the country… but it does give the President approval to fly more drones for longer hours so that they might be able to spy on Americans on American soil.

The DefenseOne report said the drones, however, would not be used to hunt for illegal aliens moving into the U.S. Instead the targets would be smugglers and traffickers.”

“The funding would support a sustained border security surge through enhanced domestic enforcement, including air surveillance,” Obama’s letter to House Speaker John Boehner explained.

The overall funding also is to pay for housing and food, judges to assemble deportation hearings and many more costs brought on by the surge of tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

If the President was really serious about securing the border, he’d work through Congress to change fundamental immigration policies as opposed to requesting more drones.

But maybe he really isn’t that serious about curbing immigration. In fact, maybe this isn’t about immigration at all.

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