From WFMY NEWS 2: “Virginia Fireball Seen In NC Sky Thursday Night”!!!!

The Virginia Fireball:

Did you see it? A bright flash of light in the Thursday night sky was from a meteor falling from space, and it was seen by some right here in the Piedmont.

This fireball, as it was called by the American Meteor Society, fell over central Virginia around 10:15pm, and was seen as far north as Pennsylvania and as far south as North Carolina.

Dan Perjar in Raleigh caught video of the fireball at 10:17pm while driving on I-440 using his dashcam.

Fireballs are simply meteors falling to earth that are brighter than usual. They are not uncommon. According to the American Meteor Society, several thousand fireballs occur in the Earth’s atmosphere every day, but many go unseen and unreported.

This map is of the fireball sightings from Thursday night. If you saw the meteor last night, the American Meteor Society would like your help. Please report your sighting by visiting this link:


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