2 Words That Will Get You Instantly Flagged As “Extremist” By The Snoops At The NSA!!

Illegal Snooping Pros, NSA, Will Mark You As An Extremist With These 2 Words

If you try to protect your identity while you surf the Internet, you could be automatically flagged by the NSA as an “extremist.” In fact, the NSA has created a database of “extremists” that is based solely off whether or not Internet users have used two specific words that will help protect privacy online.

As reported by a German news outlet (Tagesschau), authors Lena Kampf, Jacob Appelbaum, and John Goetz noted that the NSA’s “deep packet inspection” protocol targets anyone who has searched for “Tor” and “Tails.”

Tor is an anonymous browser that allows Internet users to surf the web with a level of anonymity not afforded to them by other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. Tails is a privacy friendly operating system.

What this means to those wishing to protect their privacy online is that if you search for software that helps to cloak your online actions, you’ll actually draw attention to yourself and trigger an alert within the NSA’s systems that puts you on an “extremist” watch list.

In other words, you are flagged and tagged before you can become anonymous.

This has sent privacy advocates into an uproar. As Infowars notes:

“Tor and Tails have been part of the mainstream discussion of online security, surveillance and privacy for years. It’s nothing short of bizarre to place people under suspicion for searching for these terms,” writes Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow, adding that the NSA’s goal is, “to split the entire population of the Internet into ‘people who have the technical know-how to be private’ and ‘people who don’t’ and then capture all the communications from the first group.”

This revelation once again highlights the fact that the NSA’s data dragnet has little to do with catching terrorists and everything to do with targeting anyone who values their right to privacy. The mass collection of such information only serves to make it easier for actual bad guys to evade detection since the federal agency is building such vast and unwieldy databases.

The NSA along with the FBI and other government agencies have been building huge databases to target individuals who wish to protect their privacy.

From the FBI asking store owners to report people who buy camping/hunting/survival equipment with cash, to the new “See Something Campaign,” the United States might claim it’s “all about freedom,” but it’s clear that a laundry list of terms and conditions apply.

(Read More At: http://preservefreedom.org/2-words-that-will-get-you-instantly-flagged-as-an-extremist/)


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