Obama Prepares War with our Veterans: the concept is  not too far fetched. For the past five years,  President Hussein Obama has gone through lengthy steps to attack all Veterans. He has attacked our “earned” pensions, benefits , pay cuts, our healthcare, our right to bear arms, and recently cut troops from our Military. All while giving illegals those positions, illegals who have not taken the oath , who do not understand and have not assimilated to America.


Obama began his war against the Military since he stepped into the presidency. His goal was to diminish their work in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has shown the world how weak he has been as a leader, like the famous phrase “You’d rather have a Lion lead an army of Lambs than a Lamb lead an Army of Lions.”


The game plan


Recent elements in the news show that Obama is preparing for a Massive War with Veterans and possibly active Military. A news article written by Truth and Action highlights these events as they unfold with billions of rounds of ammo being bought by this administration. Is martial law coming? In addition, there has been an increase of Russian troops and UN troops in our soil. No one can deny the fact that Hussein Obama is afraid of our troops to the point that he has to give his speeches in public protected by bullet proof glass. Only Tyrants are afraid of the people.


Recent letters have been arriving to Veterans who request help from the VA, that instruct and warn them that they are not allowed to purchase any firearms or be around any firearms, and if they have any, to provide the government full disclosure and registration or face prison time.


On the recent VA scandal where thousands of Veterans have died due to the backlog of the Veteran Affairs Department handling of their applications for Health Care assistance.   Obama knew of these issues for the past five years and did nothing. Instead, he went on million dollar vacations and cut down on our benefits. What kind of president or leader of a Country puts down his best Citizens who would give their lives to defend him? I  can answer this question be saying: only a Tyrant would watch his troops be slaughtered and continue to sleep well at night. It’s like watching Rome burn while Marc Anthony enjoys his orgies as the people starve.

Read the entire article at ‘Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’…(link below the image)


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