Dragdis-Drag & Drop Anything Anywhere!!! Best ‘Save-For-Later’ & Collecting Program I’ve Ever Used!!!

Dragdis – drag&drop anything anywhere! – YouTube.

Ever ran across a page, or an article, or an image, or even a video that you wished you could quickly & easily grab to save for later use without all the hassle? Ever watched a tv series or movie through an online video site & wished you had a simple solution for really wanting to keep them all together, organized in your own personal collection? If you answered yes to wanting any of the above posed scenarios, then do I have a treat for you, DRAGDIS!!! Reminiscent of the “drag+drop” function for organizing or adding on your PC desktop or sharing on your social media sites, DRAGDIS is the best application for collecting & organizing with the simplest of ease. DRAGDIS also makes sharing those great articles, images, or videos to social media sites a breeze, doing it with effortless ease. Watch this introductory video from DRAGDIS & see for yourself just how easy & efficiently it can do it all!! I recommend DRAGDIS with no reservations whatsoever, as I’ve had it to use from BETA testing all the way through to it’s recent public release. DRAGDIS has replaced all my other ‘save-for-later’ & collecting applications, because with it’s capabilities it’s the only one I’ll ever need!!!


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