Article “On American Heritage” By Jaden Ronin—>Truly A Great Read!!!

Uncle Sams Misguided Children – On American Heritage – by Jaden Ronin.


Heritage is something we all must celebrate, always remembering our lineage, our family’s past, our past culture. Culture lingers within us, it is something we can never get rid of, even if we wanted to. It is like an experience, and a memory of it.


Be it good or bad, be it a secondhand account, we still judge our life and actions by clinging to things we often do not understand. Emotion plays a big part when someone tries to defend their “heritage.”


So what is heritage?


 Heritage is a contribution to your fellow men and women; it is a legacy left for those that live beyond your lifetime.


When you use your heritage – be it Mexican, Arabic, European, American, etc.- to slander someone else’s heritage, especially when you have no understanding of your own, it makes you an ignorant, aggressive fool. It also makes you look stupid when you act based on political ideals.


American Heritage


Our country’s founding is a very simple one. That is, unless you want to make it political – then the true meaning of why this country was founded just goes to waste, and blurs in true bigotry and ignorance.


Politics was the last thing on our Founders’ minds, truly, they were seeking a free society for all.


“With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all.” Pledge of Allegiance


Government was a ”necessary evil,” if you may, (keeping in mind that our Founders knew the government would be corrupted by greedy individuals at one point or another), thus the most important document in the history of the world was drafted: The Constitution of the United States of America.


“We give you a Republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin


If we can keep it…


We will save America – there is none like it


I personally have this view of people, something I call a “tunnel vision” kind of individual: You only see what is in front of you and are never aware of anything else.


If only you could see beyond, and around, you will then truly have your eyes opened.


As long as we let our differences dictate our relationships with each other, we will fall. Jaden Ronin


A basic human trait ingrained in our hearts should create the desire to protect each other, regardless of race, culture, political views, religion.


We will save and restore what is left of our country because there is none like it and there will never be any like it.


Our salvation rests with us…. Remember, righteousness always prevails


Semper Fidelis


Jaden Ronin


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