‘Justice League’ Slated For May 2017, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Shazam’, and More On The Way


Report: ‘Justice League’ Slated for May 2017, ‘Wonder Woman’ and More on the Way.

Over at the newly-launched NikkiFinke.com, the former Deadline boss reports that WB will be announcing the dates of several new comic book movies at this summer’s Comic-Con, including the previously announced ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ scheduled for May of 2016, which will give them an ‘Avengers’-like lead-in to ‘Shazam‘ (set for July 2016), ‘Justice League’ (set for May 2017), ‘Wonder Woman’ (in July 2017) and more. Also worth noting is that El Mayimbe of Latino Review confirms ‘Justice League’ for May 2017.

(Credit To: Screen Crush)


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