**Scribble Pen: Scan & Draw In 16 million colors**

Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen

Scribble Pen Detailed Description

Scribble Pen & Scribble Stylus

Scribble Stylus

Scribble Pen & Case

Stylus Pen & Case

Scribble Pen lets you scan and draw in 16 million colours.

Before you get too excited about the prospect you do have to bear in mind that at the moment the pen hasn’t gone into production. However it has been said that the pen can store as many as 100,000 different colours on internal memory and it can reproduce a total of around 16 million different colours and shades. The developers of the Scribble Pen are from California in the US and they said the pen is the ‘World’s first color picking pen’.

Interesting Engineering

(Credit To: Interesting Engineering)


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