Five Of The Coolest Concepts For Futuristic Travel Ever




Schweeb Concept

Elevated Bus

Moving Platforms Concept

5 cool concepts for futuristic travel.

(#1) Superbus Concept-The Superbus has a design that takes on the appearance of a fancy stretch limousine and has 16 winged doors that rise up. The Superbus would have lots of safety features implemented and could travel up to 155mph. The best part about this concept is that you would not have to wait around at a bus stop and it would not run to a time and be late, as you could send a text message or web message and it would pick you up at your doorstep.

(#2) The SARTRE-This works by there being a lead vehicle and all other cars, called the road train, following on in a line. The lead car would be professionally driven and this car would be designed to take control of all cars behind it. It would take control and release them based on signals given by the individual drivers of the road train cars. When the cars are in the convoy the drivers don’t have to steer or apply brakes or the accelerator, they can sit back and relax.

(#3) The Schweeb Concept-There are some people who have taken to riding bikes on their commute to work, instead of their cars. This concept takes bike riding a step further, it is called the Schweeb. It consists of pods that the passenger sits in and pedals, which are attached to rails above the pods. Pods can be joined to allow families to travel together and it would offer zero-emission travel along with getting you fit at the same time. It would be ok for small trips, but longer ones would be exhausting.

(#4) The Elevated Bus-The Elevated Bus concept could put an end to congestion on the streets. Passengers on the bus sit up on the top deck, while the bottom deck remains open and vehicles are able to drive right through it. This means that traffic is not brought to a standstill when passengers get off the bus and the bus would run on rails and be able to hold 1400 passengers.

(#5) The Moving Platform Concept-While high speed trains are fast they do have the downside of them having to slow down and stop at stations and then pick up their speed again. This is where the Moving Platforms concept comes into its own. With this concept there is a high speed train that doesn’t have to stop as there is a train dock which travels at the same speed as the train and docks with the moving train. Passengers then get off the main train and onto the docking train, while moving, which can then stop at stations, while the main train continues without having to slow down.

(Credit To:Interesting Engineering)


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