Planned Parenthood Exposed–Sign The Petition Sponsored By ‘Live Action’ To Defund ‘Planned Parenthood’!!!!!!!

Planned Parenthood Exposed – Sign the Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood.

Below is an undercover video, six years in the making, that exposes Planned Parenthood for what it truly is….A Butcher Shop For Profit!!! Please sign the petition to show your support for ending the use of Our Federal Tax Dollars To Fund This Abortion-Centered Business & It’s Butchering & Murdering Of Innocent Children, With No Regard For The Children’s Inalienable, GOD-Given Rights Even While Still In Their Mother’s Womb!!!! A Child Is Alive & An Human Being Entitled To Those Inalienable, GOD-Given Rights At The Moment Of Conception, When GOD HIMSELF Breathes In Them HIS Breath Of Life, By Which Without Would Be No Life!!!

Planned Parenthood received over $500 million in forced taxpayer funding last year. In fact, the nation’s largest abortion corporation pulls in hundreds of millions of your tax dollars every year.

Planned Parenthood is intensely focused on its abortion business.  Its facilities have abortion quotas.

This corporation routinely puts women’s lives at risk, disregards abuse victims, ignores women in need, agrees to abort baby girls because they are girls, and denies the humanity of the unborn – just to increase the bottom line.

Planned Parenthood staffers, nurses, and managers have been documented coaching and covering for sex-traffickers, ignoring the sexual abuse of young girls, and putting women’s lives at risk.  The corporation is awash in deaths, injuries, and allegations of and settlements paid for massive fraud.

No one should ever be forced to give his or her tax dollars to an organization that endangers women and children.  I stand with my fellow Americans in a nationwide call to immediately stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.


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