Hover Bike Featured In ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ Available 2017!!!


STAR WARS Hover Bike

I’m sure Star Wars fanatics will appreciate this tidbit of information……The article, by ‘Interesting Engineering’, covers details of Manhattan based company ‘Aerofex’ having released plans for a commercially available hover bike for 2017. According to the ‘Aerofex’ website, the hover bike can fly 10 feet off the ground, at 45 mph, for up to 45 minutes, re-defining the meaning of off-road vehicles. The frame is made of carbon fiber, due to it’s strength & lightweight capabilities, as well as being able to carry two passengers at a time. The bike is powered by a 240 hp three-rotor rotary engine & Aerofex, led by aerospace engineer Mark DeRoche, seems to have overcome the tough engineering challenges of stability & control issues that plagued similar hover vehicles in past decades. However, if you are already thinking you have to have one, you better start saving money now with it’s price tag being reported at $85,000.

Star Wars hover bike to go on sale in 2017 – Interesting Engineering.


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