Watch Peeps & Galaxy S5, All Get Blasted With A .50 Cal Weapon!!!

Watch a Metric Crapton of Peeps Get Blasted With a .50 Cal Weapon.




21 thoughts on “Watch Peeps & Galaxy S5, All Get Blasted With A .50 Cal Weapon!!!

      • I disagree, I hope it is!! Lol
        Sorry, I was on the phone, now I have to go help roommate carry stuff into garage, I’ll be right back, count on it. 😉


      • You don’t have to apologize to me sug, Life Happens & I of all people understand & know that fact. As it is in my case with 3 kids wanting help or wanting some food or, even at times, any little thing that hits their minds that gets the lightbulb to go off when they think Daddy can do it for me….LOL….I know that things come up & happen all hours of the day & night. Such as phone calls or helping out a roommate, both are examples of just something that comes up….LOL


      • yeah it was that & I hadn’t gotten your replies yet & I got depressed a little thinking I’d blown one of the best things I’d found in years in you. I just sent you my replies to both email messages in one message & I threw in a surprise that hopefully you will like


      • I’m a busy little woman of over here. Lol, I try to get the best stuff out on the blogs and visit as much as I can with at least my vets on G+, and then I have everything I have to do in regular world too. haha, regular world…wow. So if I don’t reply right away it’s because i’m busy, not that I am ignoring or avoiding you. grr 😉


      • Yes, I understand now. I’m sure you are very busy with your blogs, & your followers & of course with your Veterans in cyberspace. Of course, then comes the real world situations that require attention & things that need to be done. It’s easy to see that an entire day could fly by with so many things to do & then so many important people to help & talk to. I apologize that I was so unfairly presumptuous, not realizing you have important people like the Veterans & Soldiers, as well as your VIP blog followers who look to you for information & that can be time consuming.


      • I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. I have not changed anything I do or how I do them and this is the first I’ve heard any complaint. I’m not privy to all of this Jeckle and Hyde business.


      • ok, you don’t have to leave anymore….WordPress was your thing long before I came….I’ll leave & I’ll wipe it all clear & you can go back & post & post & post….& be Anna J. Sasin….& I’ll get the heck out cuz to get that kinda heat & hate….U Get Wat U Want


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