Pentagon Designing Stealth Motorcycles For Special Ops Teams


Pentagon Designing Stealth Motorcycles for Special Ops Teams |

Unusual to see the Pentagon come out & publicly acknowledge anything, but this is kinda cool in a James Bond kind of way….LOL


6 thoughts on “Pentagon Designing Stealth Motorcycles For Special Ops Teams

      • Yep & all thanks to the biggest nincompoop of them all, Obozo The Criminal Clown-In-Chief!!!! He is the Head Moron to lead his Morons right into bankruptcy & poverty!!!! To be Harvard Graduate, he sure is STUPID!!!


      • Well, is he REALLY a Harvard graduate? I hate to say, (I’ve never uttered these words in my life), I feel he is an “enemy of the state” and I do not trust anything he says or does. We are “defined” as domestic terrorists. I love my country and if defending her and the laws of the land make me a terrorist, well hells bells! I guess I am!
        I posted this quote the other day, you probably saw it but here it is again:

        “The definitions belong to the definer, not the defined.” Just because “they” say something is so does NOT make it true. He’s turning society against the truth sayers and true patriots.
        Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Hehe


      • You don’t have to get off your soapbox on my account….LOL….You know I agree with those statements. I’ve believed that about his rotten tail since day 1. He’s nothing more than a propaganda minister, spreading the lies he wants people to believe, while hiding his true intentions of helping the is-lame mooslims do as much damage to the country as possible.


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