Heather Surovik & Her Fight For A Voice for Brady, Her Deceased Infant Son

This is about a mother’s fight to get legislative changes on the crooked establishment’s views on how babies in the womb are classified, as her own tragic story reveals, and we as members of the Christian Community should stand in support of her fight and as it opens another great opportunity to stand for GOD’s Laws, which supersede any and all worldly laws, no matter the ridicule. Then we Christians should organize ourselves & unite under one banner of support for the precious babies & their same Rights any other human being is entitled to have!! It’s time we stop sitting on the sidelines being silent while babies are senselessly murdered & butchered on a daily basis!! It’s been time that we Christians launch an all out, Spiritually-Awakening, campaign against the morally corrupt legislative, judicial, & executive branches’ support for passing laws that advocate pro-choice as their favored theory of thought and against the referencing of unborn babies as no more than “things”, “its”, and “fetus” that are not human beings. We Christians should be just as loud, if not louder, in our support of pro-life and we should be just as aggressive in taking every opportunity that presents itself to us to be a megaphone for GOD’s view that at the moment of conception those babies are living human beings who had the Breathe of Life breathed into them at conception by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF, which guarantees their Rights are covered under the laws of GOD and of man!!!


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