The Forgotten 2-shot Suicide of Meriwether Lewis

Great historical article on Meriwether Lewis and his supposed suicide. Now, there has been so much new evidence collected and found thru research that it has spun a completely different scenario than suicide. I’ve read all the new evidence and it clearly supports MURDER of one of America’s greatest heroes!!!

Symon Sez

Two Shot Suicide?

On This Date in History: One thing is certain and that is that famed explorer, Meriwether Lewis, died on this date in 1809. What is unclear is how he died, though there are reports that his ghost still roams.

Well, he died of two gunshots. One to the head and another to the chest. Weapons of the day were single shot firearms typically of a large caliber that required the use of a ram rod to reload.  I have yet to read any account that suggests Lewis had two pistols.  One account from the woman of the house (Mrs. Grinder) that Lewis called out to her to help heal his wounds.  Does that sound like a suicide to you?  That is what the official account was and the suicide story of Meriwether Lewis was accepted by Thomas Jefferson, William Clark and the one accepted by most historians. On the surface it sounds pretty fishy.

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