Benefits for Veterans Lagging Behind Food Stamps, Welfare | Fox News Insider

Benefits for Veterans Lagging Behind Food Stamps, Welfare | Fox News Insider

The terrible treatment our valued Veterans receive from this present administration is shameful to say the least. It seems to me that every time I see an article or watch a video dealing with Veterans from Obama’s point of view, it’s always filled with negativity, bias, & a hateful tone. Obama makes me sick to hear him discuss handing a monthly check & Medicaid health insurance & food benefits to everyone, from illegal immigrants to selective minorities to the plain lazy, for just sitting on their sorry tails when they’re able to get work but don’t care to try. Then after consistently sticking with his ridiculous plans like that, he will turn around & quickly state that the government needs to save money & he’ll claim the only resolution is to yank benefits away from our Veterans. That’s the same Veterans who fought for the freedom & peace we still enjoy today & who also have helped in fighting terrorists, whose desires include invading & wiping out our American way of life, thereby keeping us a sovereign, strongly-defended, nation. They’ve earned those benefits & should never have to worry about losing them because an administration’s leader would rather treat them like garbage!!


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