This Is The Mangled Flak Jacket Of A Marine Who Jumped On A Grenade In Fallujah

Without a doubt this is as Inspirational & Moving of an image & story I’ve ever had the honor reading. Offer my deepest sympathies, prayers, & gratitude to Sgt. Peralta’s family for his service & for showing exactly what it means to be an unselfish HERO!!!!!

Maiden on the Midway

Here’s a previously-unseen photo of mangled body armor used by Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta when he jumped on a grenade in Fallujah.


California Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) published the photo on Thursday.


On Nov. 15, 2004, Peralta, 25, was shot as he entered a room with two other Marines during house-to-house fighting. A grenade was thrown into the room shortly after, and according to eyewitness accounts, Peralta reached out and cradled it under his body — absorbing the blast that would kill him and save two other Marines’ lives.

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