Waiting for Peace

An excellent article with truth so riveting, it gets down in your heart, soul, & spirit. Think of how generation after generation passes problems on, some of which get left-over by the preceding generations time & time again. What will we leave behind for our kids & grandkids, in civilian & military life? GR8 Post Anna, as always!!!

Maiden on the Midway

Unsolved by generations before, 
The problems are passed down,
Down through the bloodline,
Of each family,
Of each race.

The solution is wrapped in layers of
Laziness coming with each new youth,
Nothing but hope that dies quickly.

The weapons of every warrior,
From past, present and future,
Symbols that cause unrest,
Always surround when searching for peace.

Peace cannot be gotten by one man alone,
We all share the future. 

Image: “Powder Monkey” James V. Johnston, 1864. Young Jimmie Johnston was aboard the U.S. gunboat Forest Rose with his mother when it was attacked by a Confederate force in Feb. 1864. When the gunboat’s regular powder monkey, who carried powder to the gunners, was killed early in the battle, Jimmie took his place until the Confederates were repelled. The crew presented this uniform to the six-and-a-half-year-old boy they called “Admiral Johnston” for his bravery…

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