The Civil War’s link to Modern Day Christmas’

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Maiden on the Midway


As the year winds down, it’s interesting to see how much the vortex of the Civil War altered and shaped our Christmas traditions and customs.

 The South celebrated Christmas since colonial days, but Puritanical New England didn’t begin until the early 1800s as new immigrants from Europe began arriving.

The Christmas tree may have origins to the Roman Empire, but we acknowledge the Germans for its popularity. The first American Christmas trees were likely in Pennsylvania.

 In a mid- 19th century English magazine, there appeared a sketch of Queen Victoria and her German husband, Prince Albert. The image was of them with their family around a Christmas tree. This brought the acceptance of the tree into homes in England and also the United States.

 Eleanor Custis Lee, a great-great-grand daughter of Martha Washington, described in  Nast put Santa on a sleigh handing out packages to Union soldiers in Civil War camp for the January 3, 1863 issue of Harper’s. It was the first of many Nast Santas.1853 how her family had a Christmas tree on a table at West Point…

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