Haunting Pictures of the Great Wars Battlefields

Another great post shared by my friend Anna….Some very inspiring pictures!!!

Maiden on the Midway

Laid to rest: German cemetery on the battlefield of Tete des Faux - the highest point on the Western Front. 10 million soldiers died in the conflict almost 100 years ago

With not a soul in sight, the peace and tranquility of these rural landscapes comes through loud and clear in a gallery of beautiful images.Yet, nearly 100 years ago, these same serene scenes played host to some of the bloodiest and most violent battles of World War One in which 10 million soldiers died.British photographer Michael St Maur Sheil has spent the last few years taking hauntingly poignant pictures of some of the most notorious battlefields of the Great War as they are today.


Follow the link below to see more pictures of battlefields of the Great War.

via Remembrance Day 2011: Haunting pictures of the Great Wars battlefields | Mail Online.


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