Resharing because of it’s GREAT IMPORTANCE!!!

Maiden on the Midway

What is it going to take to bring our Soldier home?

   ➸ The US Army–”Leave no man behind.” ➸

Congress? Mr. President? I think you should be held to this standard.

If anyone has information or ideas concerning Bowe, or would like to offer support and find resources inquire  here.  PLEASE, tell your friends and family about Bowe, he’s been away from his family and in the captive hands of a terrorist group. He needs to come home. 

Please contact your congressmen and senators and remind them of Bowe, we cannot forget him. Their contact information can be foundhere.Thank you. 

bows for bowe

Please take a picture of a yellow ribbon/bow near something that represents where you are on the planet, or something symbolically meaningful to you and email it to

We will post it to this site. Please feel free to leave a short comment as…

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